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HUD Policy for Conversion from Master Metered Utilities to individually Metered (Tenant Paid) Utilities


Background and Purpose:

In complying with the requirements set forth in the National Energy Strategy, HUD continues to support and encourage efforts of all parties to bring about the reduction of energy consumption. Since the early 1970s, HUD has encouraged owners/developers to produce housing which would provide increased energy efficiency, both structurally and operationally. A major thrust of this endeavor is the design of efficient project utility systems which feature individual meters rather than master-metered systems. This provides an incentive for tenants to play a role in the energy conservation efforts of the project. The purpose of HUD policy is to provide guidance to HUD Multifamily Asset Management Division in carrying out the approval process.

If your utilities at your project is currently mastered metered I can assist you in preparing a proposal for conversion to individually metered units for submission to HUD.

Click Here to see HUD approval from Owner Paid Utility to Tenant Paid Utility.

If you need assistance in preparing a request for submission to HUD for conversion from Master Metered Utilities to individually Metered (Tenant Paid) Utilities contact me.

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