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Career as a US Department HUD Asset Manager

I retired from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), as a Senior Asset Manager in the Washington, DC, Multifamily Asset Management Branch Field Office

 I was responsible for oversight and managing an inventory of HUD/FHA Multifamily Insured/subsidized properties.

 Since my retirement, I have provided consulting services to owners and management agents of HUD/FHA multifamily insured/subsidized communities throughout the US. The highlight of my consulting career was to be hired, with other Consultants, by a Consulting Firm, contracted by HUD, to assist in developing HUD Training Courses in an effort to support the U.S. Department of Housing and Development (HUD) continuing mission to provide affordable multifamily housing. These HUD approved Training Courses were conducted in key Cities throughout the United States.

 There was a curious incident that occurred while in retirement I cannot explain. I received a call from a HUD attorney that I could not advertize my Consulting services as a HUD Consultant on my website ( I informed him if he when to my website there is a disclaimer at the opening of my website;


“This is not the U.S. Department of HUD Web Site, go to This is a HUD Multifamily Housing Consultant web site.  We are not affiliated with HUD. Contact me ONLY if you are an owner/agent of a HUD multifamily subsidized project. Reload/Refresh this site, it is constantly being updated.”

Subsequently, one evening there was a knock on my door and a FBI Agent was at my door. He asked if he could come in to speak to me. I let him in and we set at my dining room table. He began to ask me about HUD Multifamily Subsidized Programs and what I did as a HUD Consultant; I described to him HUD Multifamily Subsidized Programs. We discussed overview of the HUD programs and what services I provided to my clients. He left and did not tell me why he had visited my home. I believe the HUD Attorney reported me to the FBI for investigation. Since then I have not had any encounters with the FBI or HUD Officials.

Let us start from the beginning, during my adult life going from one career to another I ended up being accepted a position in the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). During that time George W. Romney was the Secretary of HUD. A group of clerical employees formed a taskforce to petition Romney to create an upward mobility program allowing for these employees to participate in this program. This taskforce was aggressive to the point they would chase Romney throughout the HUD building.

Finally, Romney relented and created a Technical Assistance Training Program; wherein, any HUD clerical or other employees could apply to enter the program. You could apply to be trained as a HUD Housing Inspector, HUD/FHA Single Family Mortgage Examiner or a HUD/FHA Appraiser. I was sitting at my desk and was given a HUD Flyer explaining the program, which allowed participates to enter the upward mobility program and if after successfully completing the program and performed successfully in the program you would be promoted.

I was acquitted with an HUD official and ask him for his opinion about the program and he stated it could be a step towards a promising career.

I chose to enter the program to be trained as a HUD Single Family Mortgage Examiner. I was sent to the HUD Albany, NY, Training Center, and completed the program. I finally ended up back in Washington, DC, at the HUD Washington, DC, Field Office. As a HUD Single Family Mortgage Examiner you processed applications from potential home owners for Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Insured Loans submitted by mortgage companies.

During a brief tenure as a HUD Single Family Mortgage Examiner I applied for a position as a HUD Multifamily Asset Manager. I retired as a GS 12 and the rest is history. I pondered what I am I going to do after retirement and it occurred to me as a HUD Multifamily Asset Manager a lot of my HUD clients had difficulty complying with HUD/FHA Regulations. Being an analyst by nature, I thought what if I became a HUD Multifamily Housing Consultant and offered my services to HUD clients.

So I put together a plan of action to accomplish this goal. I was the Database Manager in my Washington, DC, Field Office Housing Management Division. I knew there was 9-HUD Regional Offices throughout the US and there were approximately 25,000 active HUD/FHA Multifamily Subsidized Loans. My problem was how to reach out to those potential clients for consulting business.

First, I knew under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) government agencies by law must provide requesters information related to that agency. I drafted a letter and sent it to all HUD 9-Regional Offices requesting a complete list of all HUD/FHA Multifamily Subsidized active loans. I received reports that were over 18 inches high. Now that I had these reports what am I going to do with them?

Second, I employed the sister of a friend of mine to search through all of the reports and identify specifically all properties that had HUD Multifamily Subsidized Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contracts; e.g., HUD/FHA Section 8 rental assistance program. These reports not only identified selective properties, also indentified types of HUD Rental Assistance Program, owners/management agents of properties, addresses, cities, states and zip codes.

Third, I drafted a standard solicitation letter as a HUD Multifamily Housing Consultant and sent it to selective potential clients. I received significant amount of responses. This was the beginning of a 2nd career. 

I designed my Website and put it on the Internet. Like a friend of mine said a Website is an extension of your business card-

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