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Procedural Manuals

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HUD Project Operating Procedural Manuals

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is in a state of change. HUD Multifamily Subsidized Programs will no longer be as we know it.

HUD is reviewing the condition of their subsidized housing portfolio. Projects designated by the local HUD Field Offices as "troubled", and maybe not troubled, are being targeted for comprehensive review of management practices and physical conditions. As you know, HUD is dispatching Special Workout Assistance Teams (SWAT) throughout the country to carry out this task. HUD is enforcing provisions of Regulatory Agreements and Section 8 Housing Assistance (HAP) Contracts, which have not been looked at seriously in the past. If you are targeted for a SWAT inspection, it could result in serious consequences if you are not in compliance with these contracts and your Regulatory Agreement. Some of my clients are facing administrative actions, such as, HUD requiring the mortgagee to accelerate the mortgage, being faced with money penalties, and/or suspension of Section 8 payments. It is important that you have good records and are in compliance with all HUD outstanding instructions, HUD Regulations and any Contract between your organization and HUD.

There are areas that most owners and agents are weak in documentation. I can provide you with a generic Operating Procedural Manual (Maintenance & Occupancy Manuals), that need editing. They are not usable in their present forms.

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Date Updated: 03/25/2021 11:33:35 AM