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! You do not know what you do not know! What do I mean?

HUD Regulations and outstanding instructions are constantly changing. What you thought you knew may not be the truth. That is why before you commit to submitting a Budget-based Rent Increase or request renewal of your Section 8 Contract you should know what current HUD Policies are.

 Alvin L. Sutherlin, HUD Multifamily Housing Consultant, provides Consulting Services to clients to help in their “due diligence” in making a decision on what to include when you prepare HUD Proposals.

The highlight of Alvin L. Sutherlin’s career was to be hired, with other Consultants, by a Consulting Firm contracted by HUD to assist in developing HUD Training Courses in an effort to support the U.S. Department of Housing and Development continuing mission to provide affordable housing. These HUD approved Courses were conducted in key Cities throughout the United States.

Alvin L. Sutherlin has a combination of over 20-years experience as a former HUD Multifamily Asset Manager (Account Executive) and a HUD Multifamily Consultant. Alvin L. Sutherlin retired from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, as a Senior Asset Manager in the Washington, DC Multifamily Asset Management Branch, Field Office. Since Alvin L. Sutherlin retirement, he provided consulting services to owners and management agents of HUD multifamily subsidized communities throughout the US. Alvin L. Sutherlin provided Services and Products to help to bridge the gap between HUD Field Offices and Project Owners/ Management Agents.

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Summary of Alvin L. Sutherlin tasks as a Multifamily Consultant performed for clients, not limited to, but included:

1.     Assisted Clients in prepared renewal of Housing Assistance Payments Contracts.

2.     Assignment and Assumption of Section 8 Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contracts.

3.     Assisted Clients in prepared OCAF & Budget-based rent increases (BBRI) proposals.

4.     Assisted clients in preparing Proposals for renewal of Project Rental Assistance Contract (PRAC).

5.     Assisted Client in preparing Proposals for Transfer of Physical Asset (TPA).

6.     Assisted clients in preparing for HUD MOR Reviews, financial compliance, pursuant to HUD Directives.

7.     Provided research and analyses services.  

 Alvin L. Sutherlin History

 Multifamily Asset Manager (Account Executive)

Alvin L. Sutherlin Performed aggressive mortgage servicing of HUD insured and HUD-Held Multifamily project mortgages, as set forth in appropriate HUD Regulations and through applicable HUD controlled instruments.

Alvin L. Sutherlin was responsible for preventing mortgage defaults, to protect the contingent liabilities of the Secretary of HUD through monitoring projects’ operations.  He administered Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contracts programs, e. g., PRAC, Rent Supplement Program, Section 8 Program, and duties also included designated Database Manager for the Housing Management Division and served a period as Temporary Chief of Multifamily Loan Management Branch.

Single Family Loan Specialist

Alvin L. Sutherlin past experience as a Single Family Loan Specialist in the U. S. Department of HUD, Washington, D.C. Field Office. Duties included, but not limited to, verifying proposed Mortgagors’ financial data for accuracy; determined the validity of all statements from the prospective mortgagors, and analyzed all documents and information and determined the amount and terms of FHA insurable loans.


1.     Attended the National HUD Training Center, Columbia, MD, Courses included;

2.     HUD Multifamily Housing Management Training,

3.     Basic Insured Multifamily Housing Workshop and

4.     Financial Analysis Training.

5.     Attended HUD Training Center, Albany, NY, included;

6.     FHA Single Family Technical Underwriting Training and

7.     Fundamentals of Accounting and Mortgage Credit Procedures.

8.     Attended Prince George’s Maryland Community College.


HUD Awards

  1. Certificate for Superior Accomplishment

  2. Manager’s Award

  3. Certificate of Service)


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