We offer numerous services related to HUD Subsidized Programs.  As a previous HUD Project Manager, my knowledge of HUD Procedures, Regulations and Directives will give you an advantage when negotiating and submitting proposals to your Local HUD Field Office or Contract Administrator.

We also offer products that can bridge the gap between your organization and HUD Field Offices/Contract Administrators.

Transfer-Physical Assets
Comparability Studies (RCS)
Convert-Tenant Paid Utility
Flexible Subsidy Program
Sec 8 AAF Rent Adjustment
Section 542(c))
Q&A-Section 8 Renewals
Tenant Utility Allowance
HAP Contracts
Section 8 Renwal Guide
Mod Rehab
HUD Preservation
Sec 236 (e)(2) Decoupling BBRI
Section 236
HUD PRAC Contract
Section 8 Contract Renew
HUD On-Site Review
Budget-Based Rent Increase
Assign/Assume HAP Contracts