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In order for individuals or corporate entities to “participate” or play a role in a Multifamily Housing property, they must obtain HUD’s approval. Applicants may request HUD’s approval by submitting a HUD-2530 (Previous Participation Certification) form to the Field Office responsible for overseeing the specific property. Applicants must submit a 2530 when one of these conditions is met:  

The HUD-2530 form requires applicants to provide detailed information concerning their current organization makeup, their past participation, and their performance in housing projects. When describing their current organization makeup, applicants must describe the current organization structure, (i.e., the principal organizations and individuals; the applicant tier and principal tiers – those tiers that define the structure of organizations in the applicant tier,) as well as each principal’s per cent ownership and organization role in its parent entity. In the “History of Participation” portion of the HUD-2530, applicants must identify the HUD Multifamily and other projects that the principals have previously or are currently participating in, and note significant problems (e.g., mortgage default) as well as the results of the latest management and physical inspection reviews during their project tenure. All organizations and individuals listed on a HUD-2530, or their designee, must certify to the authenticity of the information on the form.

HUD reviews each HUD-2530 that is submitted and determines the applicant’s suitability to participate in light of their record in carrying out past financial, legal and contractual obligations in a satisfactory and timely manner. HUD receives approximately 10,000 submissions annually. Most are decided at the local Field Office. The Field Office forwards HUD-2530s with significant prior participation problems, numbering about 1,000 submissions annually, to Headquarters for review and disposition.

In 1998, a housing re-engineering task group met with major Industry partners to discuss their suggestions for improving the prior 2530 process. The Active Partners Performance System is the result of these joint HUD and Industry sessions. APPS re-engineers the HUD-2530 process and is the replacement for the current Previous Participation Review System (PPRS)F19. APPS automates both the process Industry participants use to submit HUD-2530 information and the process HUD staff use to review and approve the submissions. Using the internet as the communications vehicle, the principal participants will enter their data directly into APPS. APPS will then present any possible findings to HUD staff for review.  

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