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Management agents that operate HUD-insured and HUD-assisted multifamily properties play a key role in helping HUD provide quality affordable housing. HUD has developed procedures for effective partnership among owners, their management agents, residents and resident associations, and HUD staff to provide quality affordable housing.

The term "partnership" specifically refers to the roles of property owners, management agents, residents, and HUD in working together to meet this objective.

HUD outstanding instructions provide guidance regarding most aspects of HUD's relationship and interaction with owners and management agents of HUD-insured and HUD-assisted properties. They also include guidance regarding the involvement of residents and their representative organizations in key decisions concerning their projects and the importance of supporting resident efforts to organize.

Management Agents managing projects that are financed under USDA Rural Housing Programs, such as Section 515 program generally receive guidance from USDA Rural Housing rather than HUD.

While HUD will work with management agents and monitor their performance, the property owner is ultimately responsible for a project's compliance with HUD regulations and requirements. HUD expects that owners will oversee the performance of their management agents and take steps to correct deficiencies that occur.

HUD procedures include approval of Management Agents identifying the approving authority for each type of project affected and describe the conditions and procedures for approving management agents.

HUD approves allowable Management Fees from Project Funds outlines different types of management fees and sets forth the procedures for determining the allowable fee amounts to be paid from project funds.

If you are a new Management Agent seeking HUD approval to manage a FHA-Insured Multifamily property, and/or with a Multifamily Housing Assisted Payments Program; or an existing approved Management Agent seeking an increase in Management Fees, Please contact me and we can discuss preparation of a proposal for submission to HUD.

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