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Section 221(d)(4) Program

Engagement of Housing Consultant

Compliance Policy & Procedure




The Fort Worth, TX, Asset Management Division, U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT, Southwest Multifamily Region approved my Housing Consulting services to assist the owner/Management Agent of a developed Section 221(d)(4) project in certain HUD startup compliance policy and procedures:


  1. Assist in establishing HUD compliant accounting protocols (book of accounts);

  2. Assist in preparing HUD Monthly Accounting Reports;

  3. Assist in initial filing an annual audited financial Statement

  4. Guidance on reviewing and responding to any deficiencies in an initial HUD REAC Inspection Report; and

  5. Guidance on reviewing and responding to any initial HUD On-Site Management and Occupancy Review (MOR) Findings.

See attached HUD approved Compliance Policy & Procedure.


If you need my assistance in compliance with HUD requirements for a start-up Section 221(d)(4) project let me know. 


Alvin L. Sutherlin

Housing Consultant

Post Office Box 162

Mount Rainier, Maryland 20712-0162

Voice Number: 301-277-3465


Overnight Mail:

4104-29th Street

Mount Rainier, Maryland 20712-1820




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